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InanovateThe i-Slide protein micro-array substrate

i SlideThe i-Slide is a premium surface for protein microarray experiments. The i-Slide consists of a proprietary surface that helps control the activity of the proteins throughout the microarray, improving assay performance.

The i-Slide is ready to use straight from the box, and delivers market leading signal-to-noise, unparalleled sensitivity (down to 0.02 pg/mL), and market leading consistency for protein microarray applications. Download the i-Slide User Manual for further information on performance data and optimaized user protocols.

The i-Slide is compatible with fluorescent, chemiluminescent, colorimetric or radiographic detection systems and can be used with most microarray scanners and robots. A variety of assays can be performed using the i-Slide, including sandwich immunoassays, reverse capture immunoassays, protein profiling, and protein characterization.

Product Highlights

  • High-throughput Micro-array format (75mm x 25mm)
  • Alternate formats available on request
  • Market leading sensitivity and consistency/reproducibility
  • Compatible with microarray-handling systems, lab automation and standard well separators
  • Scan from top or bottom
  • Affordable pricing; discounts available for large or recurring orders
  • Available in Kits with optimized buffers

For information on pricing, please contact customer support on [email protected].

InanovateArraying and Assay Development Services

Inanovate has extensive protein arraying capabilities, housing fully automated sample handling systems, multiple state of the art protein arrayers, and multiple array and well based scanning and analysis systems.

Leveraging these facilities and our industry leading protein micro-array expertise, Inanovate offers custom protein printing / arraying services, as well as fully integrated assay development services and support.

For further information of our service offerings, and to see if Inanovate can assist you in your protein research requirements, please contact us at [email protected].