Alliance Program

Companies interested in developing, selling and/or distributing assays using Inanovate’s LAS technology, can do so via Inanovate’s Alliance Program.

The Alliance Program allows our partners to accelerate commercial success in their chosen applications by accessing our proprietary LAS technology. We license LAS technology to existing and emerging market leaders who subsequently develop and commercialize assays for their customers.

Partners may chose to develop and sell selected assays on the Bio-ID, or they may chose to adapt LAS technology to their own bespoke requirements. Whether using the Bio-ID or a bespoke LAS based platform, the advantages delivered by LAS provide our partners with unique competitive advantages for their selected assay products, enhancing and accelerating their commercial success.

Some of the advantages to becoming an Inanovate partner and licensing LAS technology and/or developing assays on the Bio-ID include:

LAS technology delivers unique competitive advantages for multiplexed assays

  • Offer your customers over 7 logs of dynamic range on assays you develop and sell.
  • Develop and sell multiplexed protein assays the deliver unique biological relevance to your customers.
  • Offer your customers deeper insights into their assay data, alongside increased confidence in their assay results.

LAS technology is Flexible

  • The basic format of the Bio-ID can be modified to a Partners’ requirements for bespoke system offerings.
  • Cartridge design can be adapted for high multiplexing and/or high sample throughput.
  • Standard 2-D micro-array printing requirements align with industry standard assay development and production procedures.

Inanovate is committed to building strong, mutually rewarding partnerships with current and emerging market leaders in life science and clinical markets.

Partnering Opportunities

Inanovate is presently seeking partnerships with companies developing and/or selling assays in the following areas:

  • Research and development applications
  • Clinical diagnostics
  • Companion diagnostics
  • Biomarker discovery
  • Biomarker validation

How to Become an Inanovate Alliance Partner

If you are interested in learning more about Alliance Partnering opportunities with Inanovate to help serve the needs of your assay customers, please email [email protected].